Ariana's Tell All Book: Skip The Party, Start a Business
What Is This Book About?
In this candid story, Ariana Pierce shares personal life lessons and proven secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. From chapter to chapter, Ariana shares real experiences to unveil how she relentlessly pushed past constant challenges and quieted the naysayers as she evolved from school girl to girl boss. Ariana opens up for an intimate look at her struggles to pinpoint purpose in life, fight to balance her body weight and search for acceptance- all while facing billies and juggling school with her role as CEO of her own company. 
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:

Wowed by First Chapter!

Just finished the first chapter of the book and all I can say is wow! I’ve NEVER been one to sit down and read a book, but with this I couldn’t put it down. So amazing. Thanks so much for writing this. - Curtis Jr

Inspired my teens to get focused!

Do you want to inspire a young person in your life to take intentional actions to live the life of his or her dreams? Gift them a copy of Skip The Party, Start a Business by Ariana. It will inspire them to get serious and focus on a lifetime of success through manifested dreams. - Tamra Vanderhorst

I skipped the distractions!

This is such an amazing book by Ariana. You learn who to skip the distractions, stay focused and live your dream life now. This book is definitely a must read. - Patryce Artis
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  •  Tips on building a successful business even if you don't know where to start.
  •  How journaling can help you come up with sales strategies, marketing campaigns and creative ideas.
  •  The secrets to visualization and manifesting your dream life. 
  • How to quickly get focused and lock into your purpose.
  •  Proven planning techniques to balance business and school without failing. 
  •  How your daily routine can drastically increase your income.
  •  How to avoid the problems and pitfalls of ridicule.
  •  How reading helps you build a better life without fear of what's next.
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